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Zach & Maggie are a Nashville based Americana duo that blend creative songwriting with instrumental complexity to create an exciting musical experience. Their instrumental prowess has helped many artists develop new sounds and record numerous albums for over a decade. They’ve spent those years ine tuning their craft and diversifying their skills, playing shows across the world in the bluegrass, celtic and classical genres. Throughout their touring career, Zach & Maggie have had the opportunity to stand on noteable stages, including Carnegie Hall, Royal Albert Hall, the Grand Ole Opry and more. The duo’s rich history of in luences is evident in their recent self-titled EP, which released earlier this year.

Their latest offering “Double Grave” showcases the couple’s adventurous creative spirit, exploring stories and themes to challenge the intellect, along with talented instrumentation and an endearing comedic voice. “I ind it humorous to think about the petty annoyances of everyday life

overshadowing something so serious as death,” says Zach. “What sort of neurotic behavior would we come up with if death was just an inconvenience?”

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